Here, you find events related to Spartacus published by Brazilian media before Libertae. The idea is not only show what was published by newspapers and magazines, but also express our gratitude to our former members. People like André Nunes, Ângelo Primon, Aquiles Priester, Ivan Zukauskas, Márcio Massa, Ricardo Malcolm Aronne, Roger Borges or Robson Serafini, among many other former members (nobody was less important), gave their contribution to make the band evident on “show business” in different times.


Metal Samsara
Brasil Metal História
Heavy Metal All Night

Webzine Heavy RS (Porto Alegre)
Revista Ultimatum (Rio de Janeiro)
Revista Roadie Crew (São Paulo)
Revista Valhala (Sorocaba/SP)
Revista Rock Brigade (São Paulo)
Revista Comando Rock (São Paulo)
Revista Metal Warriors (Parnaíba/PI)
Fanzine HellUnderground (Pelotas/RS)
Revista Modern Drummer (São Paulo)
Webzine MetalVox
Webzine Larmbelastigung (Alemanha)


Brasil Metal Law (2001)
Heavy RS (2005)
Comando Rock (2005)
Ojo Metálico/Argentina (2005)
Metallica Fanzine/Argentina (2005)


Whiplash March/2015

Dr Jekill – March 2002 – Correio do Povo (11)
Dr Jekill – March 2002 – Correio do Povo (18)
Porto Blues April 2002
Uruguaiana – September/2001
Metal Combat – September/2001: Zero-Hora
Metal Combat – September/2001: Correio do Povo
Metal Combat – September/2001: O Sul
Metal Combat – September/2001: Jornal do Comércio
Good Music Festival – November/2000
RockSoldiers March/2001: Correio do Povo
RockSoldiers March/2001: Jornal do Comércio
ABZ Rock Brasileiro (Brazilian pop music dictionary)
SpartacusAlternativ – September/1991
Porto de Elis – October/1991
HardRockShow – October/1991
Flee Market in Porto Alegre (south of Brazil) – October/1989.
Rock Brigade Magazine (n.39) review – 1989
Interview for Metal Magazine (Brazilian edition)
Assembléia Legislativa Show – 1988
Rock Garagem II Review (Zero Hora news) – 1985

The format is the CD in conventional plastic box with booklet containing the lyrics of the disc and illustrations of the band.

Will be available soon in specialized shops.